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I apologize if this is in the wrong area. We are a smaller publisher and have been having eBooks for the Kindle format made for us by vendors. About five years or so ago when it appeared that actual page numbers would be available in the Kindle format we determined at that time that it was cost prohibitive. However, we are wanting now to revisit this issue with the advances made since that time with Kindle 3 devices, etc. and particularly with the roll-out of page flip functionality by Amazon.

Is it still the case that taking advantage of real page number in our eBook/Kindle files represents a significantly higher cost?

I hope I'm making sense here and thanks for responses/input.

I think you need to ask this question in the Kindle forum:

Let us know if that works.

If you want to retain the page numbers then go ahead with fixed layout format and it is not possible in the reflowable format due to the screen sizes and other element properties.

Have any questions, let us know.

Grady Nash
Ebook Coder and Kindle formatter,

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