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I'm not sure to understand. Is Readium aimed to remain a browser extension or is it aimed to become a library which can be embedded into vendors applications ?

The overall aim is simply to provide a reference implementation of the relevant standards; however, the goals include work on the WebKit rendering engine itself, so I wouldn't expect the Chrome extension to represent the entire final product. That said, if the reader side can be adequately demonstrated using this extension, then it might well end up there.

I can tell you that I'm more focussed on library-based components written in a reasonably cross-platform manner, and I believe other participants are, too.

Ok, thanks. When you read some blogs posts, it seems admitted that it is going to be a library. So, it's just very probable.

I think it is too soon, but is there any planned date for a first alpha release ?

looking forward to the library-based components.

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