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The global trade and standards association for electronic publishing.

IDPf's mission is to foster global adoption of an open, accessible, interoperable digital publishing ecosystem that enables innovation. IDPF's strategy to effectively advance its mssion is to develop (collaboratively) and promote EPUB as the universal accessible interchange and delivery ecosystem for eBooks and other digital publications advancing the Open Web platformRead more ›

Corporate Documents

The IDPF makes its corporate documents available to the public. They are as follows:

Document Formats
IDPF Bylaws     HTML
IDPF Policies & Procedures     HTML
IDPF Intellectual Property Policy PDF Word HTML
IDPF Intellectual Property Disclosure Form   Word  
IDPF Antitrust Policy and Guidelines PDF Word HTML
IDPF Antitrust Do's and Don'ts PDF Word HTML
IDPF Antitrust Disclaimer PDF Word HTML
IDPF Membership Agreement PDF Word HTML
IDPF Working Group Charter Template   Word  

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