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The global trade and standards association for electronic publishing.

IDPf's mission is to foster global adoption of an open, accessible, interoperable digital publishing ecosystem that enables innovation. IDPF's strategy to effectively advance its mssion is to develop (collaboratively) and promote EPUB as the universal accessible interchange and delivery ecosystem for eBooks and other digital publications advancing the Open Web platformRead more ›


The Executive Director of the IDPF is Bill McCoy.

The IDPF Board of Directors consists of fourteen Directors who are elected by the membership to two-year terms. Directors are all Primary Representatives of Principal IDPF Member companies or organizations.

The current Board of Directors members are as follows:

Name Company Board Position Date Most Recently Elected
Paul Belfanti Jones & Bartlett Learning At-Large 06/2016
Mike Baker Houghton Mifflin Harcourt At-Large 06/2016
Graham Bell EDItEUR At-Large 02/2015
Garth Conboy Google Chairman 02/2015
Pierre Danet Hachette Livre At-Large 02/2015
Leslie Hulse HarperCollins Publishers Treasurer 06/2016
Rick Johnson Vital Source Technologies At-Large 06/2016
Bill Kasdorf Apex Covantage At-Large 06/2016
George Kerscher DAISY Consortium President 02/2015
Liisa McCloy-Kelley Random House At-Large 06/2016
Cristina Mussinelli Associazione Italiana Editori Secretary 02/2015
Eoin Noble Safari Books Online At-Large 02/2015
Tzviya Siegman Wiley At-Large 06/2016
Junichi Yoshii Kodansha At-Large 06/2016


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