Candidate Statement - Ken Brooks (INCUMBENT)


Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2011 election

Ken Brooks - Cengage Learning (INCUMBENT)
Dear IDPF Members,
Over the last several years, we have begun to see significant advances in the evolution of digital publishing in e-formats, metadata refinement, accessibility, and other related services across every publishing sector. The industry has moved from the questioning and second guessing of the last decade to eagerly adopting and embracing the move forward into the digital age. The timid moves of the past have given way to bolder ones in areas like enacting XML-first production methods, to more serious efforts to convert greater numbers of titles to eBook formats and seeing significant revenue from both eBooks and digital publishing models.
The IDPF continues to have a very important role of providing a platform for publishers, retailers and technology providers to come together on standards and business practices to support this new environment.  With the recent announcement of EPUB3, it is becoming important to encourage new tools and business practices to take advantage of the standard.  It is also becoming increasingly obvious that a more integrated approach to DRM is required to support continued consumer adoption. And in spite of aggressive measures by many publishers there is still insufficient support for many parts of the population, whether due to formats, reading systems or subject coverage. During my last term as an IDPF board member I’ve been actively pushing for consideration of these and other issues by the working groups and membership.
As head of global production and manufacturing services at Cengage Learning, I believe that I am ideally positioned to continue to serve on the IDPF board to further the goals of the organization. During my last term on the board, I have led a dynamic group at Cengage in the following new initiatives that parallel the evolving technology above:
·         Launch of an exciting new platform for e-Learning utilizing eBooks linked with digital assessment.
·         Participation in the AAP Critical Issues Task Force leading to ready access by disabled students to accessible versions of our titles via the launch of the non-profit Access Text Network.
·         Implementation of discipline-specific taxonomies and metadata to index learning and reference content and link that content to explicit learning outcomes.
·         Preparation of thousands of titles for distribution in EPUB and other formats
For the IDPF to prosper, it must be relevant to all sectors of publishing and represent the needs of a wide variety of constituencies. Through board membership I would personally bring a number of those perspectives to bear and continue to work to broaden the role of the IDPF to other areas of publishing. At the same time I would not lose sight of the needs of the trade book industry that has done so much to bring the IDPF to where it is today.
I would greatly appreciate being considered for board membership and would be honored by your vote.
Ken Brooks
SVP, Global Production and Manufacturing Services
Cengage Learning

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