Candidate Statement - Masaaki Hagino


Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2011 election

Masaaki Hagino - Voyager Japan
Dear fellow IDPF members,
I submit my nomination for election to the IDPF Board of Directors.
I believe I would be an asset to the IDPF Board for the following reasons:
  • I have founded Voyager Japan in October of 1992 together with Mr. Bob Stein. We have just celebrated the 20th year anniversary. We have solely dedicated our efforts in digital publishing throughout the two decades. Our experiences both in Japan and in the international market will contribute to global expansion of EPUB.
  • IDPF can leverage our extensive knowledge and expertise in eBooks including the Voyager's Japanese format dotbook for the continued growth of EPU.
  • Instead of insistently listing "I did this and that" of my accomplishment, I would like to stress one: I am not fluent in English. Because of that, I truly believe somebody has to stand up and express views and thoughts from the view point of  a non-English native business and industry person. In order for EPUB to be a true global standard for a long time, I shall be able to effectively contribute to the board of the organization. 
No doubt Japan is continued to be one of the most important markets for EPUB. IDPF needs a strategic and strong initiative in Japan. My position in the Japanese industry can contribute significantly to IDPF as explained below:
  • Electronic Book Publishers Association of Japan ("EBPAJ") representing the 34 Japanese publishers including major companies to independents are endorsing my IDPF board nomination.
  • I am representing Association of Media in Digital ("AMD") in Japan as Board Director, which is the industry association for multimedia content and marketing companies. EBPA-J for publishing and AMD for multimedia, the two most influential industry organizations in Japan officially support me to run for this nomination.
  • EPUB is necessary to work closely with the Japanese industry continually. I am prepared to take the initiative on behalf of IDPF.
If elected, I am confident to expand the reach of the organization to increase adoptions of EPUB in Japan.
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the further development of EPUB.
Masaaki Hagino
President, Voyager Japan, Inc.

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