Candidate Statement - Daniel Hughes


Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2011 election

Daniel Hughes - Liguori Publications 
Dear fellow members of the IDPF,
I believe that the IDPF has reached a critical point in our history, and that the course and direction we set now will have significant impact on the future of our industry. The release of EPUB 3 is a plateau upon which we need to build, to ensure continued adoption of the standard. While we can be sure that EPUB 3 is a leap forward, the months and years ahead are going to be a time of innovation and increasing market expectations that will challenge all of us to keep pace. It is imperative that the IDPF is positioned to lead, to be responsive - and not reactionary - to the needs of our members, and the clients and customers we serve. I’m standing for election to the Board of Directors because I believe I can make a positive contribution to the IDPF, and in so doing, establish practices and initiatives that ensure that we are ready for the changes brought about by EPUB 3 not only in 2011, but also into 2012, 2013, and beyond. 
I represent a mid-sized religious publisher. While much attention in the digital publishing landscape is focused on major trade publishers, retailers, and technology providers, small- and mid-sized publishers account for a significant portion of the market. We might be the long tail of the ebook revolution, yet we seek to remain relevant to our core audience. It is for that reason, of relevance, that I seek to be a voice for publishers of all sizes - small, medium, and large.
I have been an active participant in the EPUB 3 working group, making recognizable contributions in the course of developing the latest version of the standard. I am currently taking a leadership role in the effort to produce a specification for dictionaries, which will enhance the breadth of our capabilities and meet the demands of members and consumers alike.
I am at once optimistic and enthusiastic about the potential of the IDPF to grow and continue leading the industry, but it will require a commitment to listen to members, observe the marketplace, and engage with other standards bodies and organizations. As a member of the board, I would seek to explore the following:
Facilitating increased adoption of the standard outside of traditional sectors, such as academic, medical/legal, and other vertical industries.
Re-establishing special interest groups within the IDPF to foster open dialogue among members, and to provide a clear channel for communicating member experiences and needs to the board of directors.
Strengthening existing relationships with other standards bodies, while building new relationships where opportunity allows.
Demonstrating industry leadership in new ways, such as issuing best-practice recommendations and guidelines.
I believe in the mission and goals of the IDPF, and would like to do my part in leading our organization to successfully meet them. I ask for your support in this election to the Board of Directors.
Daniel Patrick Hughes
Manager of Digital Publishing
Liguori Publications

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