Candidate Statement - Rick Johnson

Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2011 election

Rick Johnson - Ingram Content Group
Rick Johnson is the CTO of VitalSource Technologies, a division of Ingram's Content Group.  As a participant in the EPUB working group for the last two revisions, he is a primary resource within Ingram for EPUB information and implementation specifics.  With the announcement in May of their upcoming support for EPUB 3, Rick has spearheaded the support for this standard within Ingram, and in the VitalSource Bookshelf platform.  Directing Ingram's accessibility support including working with the NFB, the AFB, and many publishers and institutions, he has helped them to understand the need, and the steps they have to take to support those requirements.  As a participant in the IMS, Rick has coordinated the implementation of LTI support for interoperability between the different solution suppliers they work with.
With more than 30 years of experience working in the technology and higher education marketplace, Rick is excited about what EPUB 3 will enable for users, publishers, and distributors.  The leadership of the IDPF has a unique opportunity to guide the digital textbook migration as the industry embraces this change, and Rick can contribute to this effort.  Using his leadership role within Ingram and VitalSource, Rick has personally championed the EPUB 3 format with the leading textbook publishers and has a unique understanding of where, and how the industry will be using it to further digital adoption in the marketplace.

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