Candidate Statement - Tatsuo Kobayashi

Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2011 election

Tatsuo Kobayashi - Japan Electronic Publishing Association (JEPA) 
Dear colleagues,
I would like to recommend Tatsuo Kobayashi (Fellow of Japan Electronic Publishing Association) as a member of the IDPF board, and request your kind support in the IDPF election from November 1, 2011 through November 21, 2011.
Kobayashi-san is a leading expert of Unicode and ISO/IEC 10646, which provides an important basis for digital publishing.  He was the chair of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2 (from 2004 to 2010), which is responsible for developing ISO/IEC 10646.
He is also a director of the Unicode Consortium since 1997.
He has played a key role in the Unicode Technical Committee and the Ideographic Rapporteur Group.  In paticular, he is one of the original proposers of UTS#37(Unicode Technical Standard
No.37 "Ideographic Variation Databese").
Kobayashi-san began his career as a magazine editor in 1973 when he joined Shougakukan, a leading Japanese publisher.  In particular, he was an editor of Doraemon, a well-known manga series.
He joined JustSystems in 1989 and designed the typographical features of a DTP system called "Daichi".  These features were later introduced to a wordprocessor "Ichitarou".  He also established a supervising committee for the dictionary of ATOK (Advanced Technology Of Kana-kanji Transfer), an input method for Japanese text.
Kobayashi-san is the founding chair of the W3C Japanese Layout Task Force
(JLTF) since 2006.  JLTF published a W3C Note "Requirements for Japanese Text Layout", which is recognized as the first detailed documentation of non-English typography in English.  This note was used as a basis for designing EPUB3 by the EGLS (Enhanced Global Language Support) sub-group of the EPUB WG, and was also an important input to the design of CSS Writing Modes and CSS Text by the W3C CSS WG.
Kobayashi-san particiated in the two EGLS meetings of IDPF in 2010.  He contributed to the creation of EGLS requirements by unifying requirements from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan among others.  His houmor helped EGLS to establish friendly and constructive atmosphere.
Further information about Kobayashi-san is available at
I believe that Kobayashi-san's participation in the IDPF board will be good for the IDPF and global users of EPUB.  He can bring more 18N awareness to IDPF.  He can help IDPF to have stronger relationship with the Unicode consortium, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2, and W3C I18N Core WG.  He can also improve the communication between IDPF and Japanese publishers.  I would appreciate it very much if you can support him in the election.
Best regards,
MURATA Makoto (JEPA CTO, IDPF EGLS sub-group lead, and the facilitator of the IDPF fixed layout workshop)
I am pleased to run the Board of Directors election with the honorable endorsement from JEPA.  If I am elected as a member of the IDPF board, I will contribute for the future of IDPF and EPUB with my carrier on internationalization field and standardization field.
KOBAYASHI Tatsuo (Unicode Consortium director, W3C Japanese Text Layout Task Force Chair, JEPA fellow)

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