Candidate Statement - Bob Nell


Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2011 election

Bob Nell - Sony
Dear IDPF members,
I respectfully submit my candidacy for an IDPF board member position.
The digital publishing industry has grown significantly over the past several years. Yet we are only in the
early stages of a burgeoning market for eReading. Publishers, retailers, and device manufacturers alike
have high expectations for the future. Base level reflowable eBooks rendered on dedicated eReaders
have laid the foundation for rich media eBook content rendered on multifunction, full color devices.
Going forward, the industry will be challenged to deliver a robust eReading solution that consumers find
easy to use and readily available across a variety of devices and services. The IDPF will play an integral
role in establishing standards that guarantee interoperability between disparate content providers,
devices and applications. Sony is supportive of an open content environment, one that gives the
consumer a choice of where to acquire content and on what devices to read it. Sony drove the adoption
of the EPUB 2 standard and is supportive of EPUB 3 standardization. As a member of the board of
directors I will support this position and endeavor to work collaboratively with the IDPF to establish
open standards for the digital publishing industry.
I am currently responsible for global business development for the Digital Reading Business Division
at Sony. Our division is responsible for the Reader™ hardware devices, Reader™ Store content service
and reading solutions across Sony devices. I believe that my four years of experience with this division,
coupled with my 20+ years at Sony, where I’ve held management positions in marketing, online
services and business development, makes me uniquely qualified for a board position. I possess a
broad knowledge of the digital publishing industry and importantly a keen understanding of the needs
of the consumer. I also have an international perspective on the digital publishing industry due to
my responsibilities with Sony’s global Reader business. I will apply my knowledge, experience, and
management skills to help the IDPF achieve its objectives.
My vision for the IDPF is to foster a collaborative environment in which all entities can openly discuss
issues and opportunities with the intent of reaching a consensus that supports the key goal of the forum
which is to develop, publish and maintain common industry standards. I also believe that the growth of
the digital publishing industry is dependent on a satisfied customer, and, as such, decisions should be
guided by the needs of the consumer.
I would appreciate your positive consideration of my candidacy for a board position.
Bob Nell
Sony Digital Reading Business Division

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