Candidate Statement - Rob Reynolds


Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2011 election

Rob Reynolds - MBS
Nomination Statement: I would like to serve on the IDPF Board because I
believe my broad professional experience and unique technology background
make me an ideal candidate to help our organization advance digital content
standards and the evolving definition of publishing across the industry.
While the transition from print to digital has clearly taken hold, and we
can now anticipate a near future in which all publishing begins with
digital workflows and formatting, the work to accommodate a complete
digital product ecosystem for publishers has only just begun. As a member
of the IDPF Board, my commitment is to work closely with IDPF members and
industry partners to ensure that our next steps in digital are made on a
solid, collaborative, and forward-thinking foundation. This means utilizing
my professional expertise in publishing and technology to help guide our
work on the evolution of existing standards as well as the creation of new
guidelines in areas such as analytics and content intelligence. I am
prepared to be an active and engaged board member and look forward to
working closely with my digital publishing colleagues.
Brief Bio: I am the Director of MBS Direct Digital and have an extensive
background in the creation and distribution of digital content across
different environments and devices. As a faculty member and administrator
for fifteen years, I authored digital content for publishers and helped
create system wide strategies for digital content management and delivery
within Higher Education. In educational publishing, both at McGraw-Hill and
Cengage, I developed and managed e-reader and content management
platform/strategies that targeted flexible and intelligent content delivery
and analytics. I co-founded Xplana Learning in 2004 and since that
company's acquisition by MBS I have led our efforts in digital publishing
and digital content distribution. This work includes important industry
research and reports, such as our annual published study on the future of
digital textbooks, product design and architecture work around e-reading
applications for Web and mobile devices (phones, tablets, and e-readers),
and in depth work in XML publishing and content intelligence.
Vision Statement for IDPF: My vision for IDPF includes a continued emphasis
on existing organizational priorities as well as an expansion of activity
related to supporting analytics for digital publishing. Specific tenets of
my vision include:
1. Continue the evolution and promotion of EPUB across the publishing
industry, and extend its viability and use into key digital content spaces
such as education;
2. Continue the organization's work to encourage and facilitate
interoperability between electronic publishing standards;
3. Work to identify and/or develop standards to support and facilitate
analytics around consumer reading behaviors related to digital books.

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