Candidate Statement - Roger Webster


Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2011 election

Roger Webster - Barnes & Noble
Since April, 2010, I have been the Chief Architect in Barnes & Noble’s Digital Product Division, overseeing the content infrastructure for all of B&N’s offerings. In more than thirty years of experience as a professional software engineer, I have been fortunate to work on various aspects of digital content including layout, file formats and more advanced topics around interactivity and the future of reading. Over my career I have authored multiple pagination and layout engines and editors, and am expert in many areas related to digital publishing. Prior to joining Barnes & Noble, I was a member of Adobe’s Advanced Technology Group. I have also been a software architect at Pixo (creators of the original iPod OS), Apple, IBM, FileNet and Taligent. I bring a wealth of technical depth and experience, along with strong ties to publishers and content providers, that I believe will be essential to the ongoing success of the IDPF.
Vision for IDPF:
As the representative for one of the world’s largest distributors of ePub content, I believe the IDPF must be committed to promoting a process and a standard that meets the needs of content creators, publishers and distributors of electronic content. I believe that the ePub standard is at a critical moment in its history as it attempts to encompass content with more rigorous artistic design constraints and interactivity. I also believe the IDPF’s policies must be mindful of the increasing range of devices on which content will be consumed.

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