Candidate Statement - John Wheeler

Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2011 election

John Wheeler - SPi Global
Dear IDPF Members
I am asking for your consideration for a position on the newly expanded IDPF board. 
As someone that has worked for a global STM Publisher (Director of Multimedia Production at Elsevier), as well as leading KPO support organizations, I feel I bring a unique 360 degree view of the issues facing the Publishing Industry as a whole as well as the specific issues related to digital content, readers, consumers and how proper standards work to tie this all together.  I bring strong technical and business qualifications with a highly successful 20 year track record of hands-on experience in strategic planning, business development, project and product management, and system engineering strategies.
In my current position at SPi Global, I am responsible for our Innovation Lab, which partners with leading publishers, not-for-profit organizations, information providers, and Fortune 1000 companies to deliver innovative solutions that maximize the value of their content.  The Innovation Lab is a strategic solutions development arm that serves as a breeding ground for new ideas, offering a low-risk path for the development and deployment of innovative processes across the publishing spectrum.
I see the publishing and information industry undergoing rapid structural shifts.  These shifts in content creation and delivery methods which must be balanced against changing customer preferences have meant escalating costs and complexities in the development and production of content across the board.  The growing needs to adapt, invest and exploit new technologies are key challenges the Innovation Lab is designed to help our publishing partners resolve and are a key driver for our participation in the IDPF both at the member and board level.
The IDPF holds an important position in insuring that standards are developed that support a multitude of uses, needs and markets.  At SPi, we see firsthand the issues effecting publishers and their vendor partners as they attempt to “predict the future” when creating and delivering content for a rapidly changing technology and consumer landscape.
As a board member, I would take an evangelical approach to making sure that the promise of a unified standard is met.  This will take cooperation and collaboration across publishers, vendors and end users, which is a skill I look forward to bringing to the IDPF.
Thank you for your consideration!

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