Candidate Statement - Mark Bide

Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2012 election

Mark Bide - EDItEUR

Mark Bide is the Executive Director of EDItEUR, the global trade standards organisation.

About Mark Bide

Mark has worked in the publishing industry in the UK for over 40 years. His original discipline was production, but he subsequently went on to manage all aspects of the publishing back office: production, distribution, finance and technology. He was a Director of the European subsidiaries of both CBS Publishing and John Wiley & Sons.  He founded his own consultancy business in 1992, and has spent most of the intervening 20 years as a consultant, both in his own business and later with the specialist media consultancy, Rightscom. He joined EDItEUR as its Executive Director four years ago and (having given up his consultancy practice) now divides his time between EDItEUR and the Publishers Licensing Society (where he is Head of Business Development).

As a consultant, he was closely involved in the development and deployment of standards from the mid-1990s onwards. He was the Assistant Technical Lead of the <indecs> project, which created the abstract model on which many media standards including ONIX, DDEX and DOI metadata specifications are based. He served on the ISO working group which designed the ISTC, and was a contributor to the original work which underpins the recently-standardised ISNI. He was also involved in the DDEX standards developed for the music industry, and particularly in the design of the Global Release Identifier.  He was the project director for the ACAP project, and the author of the original project plan for the Linked Content Coalition. He has a particular interest in matters related to governance. He is a member of the UK’s Copyright Hub Launch Group and a Visiting Professor of the University of the Arts London.


EDItEUR is a not-for-profit membership organisation based in London, with about 100 members drawn from all parts of the book and serials supply chains in over 20 countries around the world.  It develops and maintains trade standards for the global book and journal supply chains.

EDItEUR’s ONIX for Books metadata standard is widely implemented in North America and across Europe, and increasingly in the Asia Pacific region. It is also responsible for developing metadata and messaging frameworks for journals (ONIX for Subscription Products) and for library resource licensing (ONIX for Publication Licences). All its trade standards are made available for use free of charge.

In addition, EDItEUR provides management services for other standards organisations, including the International ISBN Agency. 

EDItEUR has also, for the last two years, been working with the DAISY Consortium in the WIPO-funded Enabling Technologies Framework project, aimed at improving accessibility to publications for people with print impairment.

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