Candidate Statement - Pierre Danet

Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2012 election

Pierre Danet - Hachette Livre

Pierre Danet is the Digital Technology Officer at Hachette Livre, the publishing arm of Lagardere, reporting to global CEO, Arnaud Nourry. Pierre oversees innovation, standards support and web initiatives. Previously, Pierre was former COO and CIO at Hachette divisions and other Lagardère Group Business Units, with responsibility across Europe. In Spain, he was Operations Managing Director of Editorial Bruno » in 2001 / 2003.

Pierre is also Vice President of Paris « Cap Digital ». Cap Digital is the French Business cluster for digital content and services in Ile de France region. It’s a non profit organization which provides members with essential information, networks and resources. These include competitive intelligence, training, partnerships, funding solutions and project reviews.

Hachette Livre, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lagardère SCA, is the world’s second largest trade book publisher with sales of € 2,038 million. It is # 1 in France, # 1 in the UK, #2 in Spain and # 5 in the USA. It publishes 15,000 new titles a year under more than one hundred different imprints in a dozen languages, but mainly in French, English and Spanish. It covers all segments of trade publishing : General fiction and non-fiction, mass market pocket books, books for young readers, illustrated books, travel guides, school books, as well as partworks. Its headquarters are in Paris, France.

Candidate's statement:

Hachette Livre was and is a strong supporter of epub 2 and 3. All Hachette Livre companies globally support IDPF standards through IDPF memberships but also direct contributions from our in-country experts.

This Hachette support has been public and continuous.

Hachette and its engineers have been thoroughly involved in Epub 3 specifications, FXL standardization, Samples Project Production and other Working Groups.

Under Pierre’s personal inspiration, Hachette Livre has also joined the Readium Project as Sponsor and Direct Contributor in order to build a first open Epub 3 web reader experience. This remains a priority project for our teams.

IDPF could use the talents of Pierre to provide strong publishing support to ensure that its many cultural aspects (Art Books, Languages, Education Processes, Particular Genres as Comics, ...) are properly represented.

Now the objective should be "to make Epub 3 happen".

For this, I can see 3 priorities for IDPF in 2013 and 2014 :

  • To link more with Business including Publishers and Ebook retailers in order to try to answer more to Business priorities,
  • To allow and actively support the emergence of rendering solutions in the epub 3 markets,
  • To evangelize the standard amongst retailers through communication, training and outreach, lobbying and global coordination.

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