Candidate Statement - Anthony De Luna

Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2012 election

Anthony De Luna – Flipside
Nomination statement
The votes I received in the 2011 elections were not enough to put me on the board, but they were a pleasant surprise for a candidate from an IDPF company in the Philippines. I thus submit myself for your kind consideration again this year, aware that I am in the midst of our industry giants once more, but encouraged that members will recognize the value of a unique, two-way and cross-continent perspective and experience that I can share with our board and leadership, working groups and colleagues.
Anthony is founder and CEO of Flipside, a Manila-based provider of ePUB creation services to publishers in the US and UK, international publisher of  Asian e-books and operator of Flipreads, the world's first e-bookstore to accept over-the-counter cash payments. He has been in the electronic publishing industry for 22 years and spearheaded digital/e-book initiatives for the largest US bookseller, a leading European publishing services conglomerate and international conversion houses.
“Over the past eleven years Anthony has consistently provided high quality digital services, most recently by creating over 2600 ebooks for the Barnes & Noble Digital Library. Highly skilled at his profession he makes it his business to deliver a superior product …Even when producing 125 epub titles a week!” Greg Oviatt, then Executive Editor at B&N / Sterling Publishing
“Anthony's company was an innovator in conversions of print books to e-books, and Anthony was a valuable partner in the early days of the digital revolution,” - Richard Curtis, eReads

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