Candidate Statement - Ori Idan

Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2012 election

Ori Idan - Helicon Books

we are now at the beginning of a new era that resembles the dawn of the World Wide Web (www) that was characterized by a segmented world of closed gardens. At that time Tim Barners Lee established the W3C that worked towards a unified standard. Fortunately W3C succeeded in it's mission and expanded the web with new advanced standards.

Digital publishing, although not so new area, is still at it's infancy and in my vision the IDPF will expand digital publishing and unite all vendors with one set of standards accepted industry wide.

I would like to help making these common standards and advance the acceptance of them by both the general public and the industry. It would be an honor for me to serve the IDPF and hope to make the EPUB standard the most common and accepted standard world wide.

Short Bio

I was the head of the Israeli W3C office and thus had a chance to see how a big standards body operates, I would like to implement some of the things I learned in the IDPF.

I am now the CEO of Helicon Books, a small company developing and marketing an innovative EPUB3 reader and consulting about digital standards.

I am also active in the Israeli open source community, was the head of an NGO working for the advance of open source in Israel.

I have also managed several software projects in the field of automatic test equipment and thus has good knowledge of software and hardware quality assurance methodologies.

I have established and help establishing several technology related companies in different areas such as Test and measurement, embedded systems and open source research and development.

So I have both business management and technical experience.

I believe that my records can help the IDPF and advance the EPUB standard.

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