Candidate Statement - Bill Kasdorf

Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2012 election

Bill Kasdorf - Apex CoVantage

I would very much like to serve on the IDPF Board and am confident that I could make a significant contribution, building on my active involvement with the IDPF, most prominently in recent years but in fact since its origin as the OeBF, as well as my involvement with other related organizations, for whom I often serve as a liaison to the IDPF. One of my top priorities as a member of the Board will be to work for the adoption of EPUB across a very wide range of publications, and I am well positioned to do so.

I have been a very active advocate for EPUB, and an educator and evangelist for EPUB 3, with publishers and publishing organizations throughout the US, the UK, and the EU. I have written and spoken widely on the subject for organizations representing publishers of all types: trade book publishers, scholarly and STM book and journal publishers, textbook publishers, magazine publishers, and others.

I was an active leader in the IDPF EPUB 3 Working Group, serving as Chair of the Metadata Subgroup, and I currently participate in the Indexing Working Group. I am contributing the chapter on EPUB 3 metadata and packaging for the upcoming book on EPUB 3 Best Practices to be published by O’Reilly in collaboration with the IDPF.

I am also the Chair of the Content Structure Committee of the BISG (the Book Industry Study Group), the most prominent activity of which is the well-regarded and frequently updated EPUB 3 Grid, which provides a high-level tracking of reading system implementation of EPUB 3 features that is widely followed by publishers in the US and is in the process of being replicated internationally. I recruited both Bill McCoy and Marcus Gylling to be active members of that committee to ensure close collaboration between BISG and the IDPF. My committee also includes active collaboration with the AAP Digital Issues Working Group, NISO (the National Information Standards Organization), and EDItEUR (responsible for the ONIX standard for book supply chain metadata).

Similarly, I have been a leader in the development of the new PRISM Source Vocabulary (PSV) for the IDEAlliance, a group primarily representing magazine publishers, including Time Inc., Hearst, and many others. My role on that Working Group has been to ensure that the new nextPub/PSV standard complements and integrates well with EPUB 3 and in no way conflicts or competes with it. I chair the “Packaging PSV as EPUB Committee” for that Working Group, which is devoted to facilitating the dissemination of PSV-based magazine content using EPUB 3.

In addition, I am active in the Society for Scholarly Publishing (I am a Past President of SSP), currently serving on both the Annual Meeting Program Committee (I have spoken on EPUB for that event each of the past three years) and the Organizational Collaboration Committee, for which one of my key roles is liaison with the IDPF. I also participate in the NISO E-Book Special Interest Group, and have spoken on EPUB 3 for NISO, SSP, O’Reilly TOC, Digital Book World, and others.

Professionally, I am a Vice President of Apex Content Solutions, one of the oldest and largest service providers to publishers of all types (book, magazine, journal, and reference). Apex is proud to have contributed significant financial support that facilitated the initial development of Readium. My role at Apex is devoted to consulting, which is mainly focused on helping publishers and organizations with XML modeling, XML workflows, and other related issues, almost always including EPUB. Current and recent clients include such disparate organizations as the European Union Publications Office, the World Bank, and the British Library; textbook publishers or aggregators like Cengage, Pearson, and CourseSmart; and scholarly and STM publishers like the University of Toronto Press, Harvard Business Publishing, and Wolters Kluwer Health.

I believe my broad experience across many publishing industry segments, my deep involvement with XML and EPUB, and my vigorous advocacy for EPUB 3 position me to make a valuable contribution to the IDPF Board, particularly in helping to advance the implementation of EPUB across all segments of publishing, as well as to bring the perspective of textbook, magazine, and scholarly publishers to the IDPF. I hope you agree and will vote for me. Thank you.

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