Candidate Statement - Cristina Mussinelli

Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2012 election

Cristina Mussinelli - Italian Publishers Association (INCUMBENT)

Dear fellow IDPF members,

I am kindly asking you to support my nomination for re-election in the IDPF Board of Directors. I am once again running as representative for the Italian Publishers Association, where I am in charge for the technological innovation and digital publishing area.

As done in my first term I will continue to operate in order to achieve these goals, which I believe are the main priorities for IDPF:
• support a wider and faster adoption of the EPUB 3 standard by publishers for all different kind of publications (school texts, illustrated books, enhanced books, and complex layout books in general) with the provision of updated and timely information on the standard in general and on the activities of the working group, also through dedicated seminars
• strong push and support for the development of EPUB 3 compliant open rendering solutions
• create awareness on the importance of standard adoption and related interoperability issue in the whole publishing value chain and in the international and European institutions involved in defining the policy for the publishing market
• continue the commitment of IDPF in the field of the accessibility of digital publishing contents for visually impaired persons
Moreover my presence in the Board as representative of one of the major EU trade associations could keep providing IDPF a strong support in the European market to achieve these goals, thanks to consolidated relations with the most relevant European institutions and a long lasting knowledge of the European publishing market. European publishers are now investing - and plan to do so for the future, too – in digital production processes, products and services and the attendance in the European market of the main international players is growing.
In the next years a strong focus of IDPF on Europe will be more important as the European Commission recently settled the so called Digtal Agenda, that is a strategy aimed at enhancing technologies and their role as engine for growth and economic development. Attention will concentrate on standard definition issues, considered fundamental for the growth of the market of digital contents, for fair competition and for the reduction of technological lock-in risks for consumers.

Associazione Italiana Editori (Italian Publishers Association) is the trade association for Italian and foreign publishers that operate in Italy or publish books, magazines and digital publishing products, both multimedia and on- line, in Italian. It represents the most important book and digital publishers in the country and totals some 400 members, accounting for more than 90% of the domestic market.

AIE is one of the founders of FEP, the Federation of European Publishers, and is also part of the General Confederation of Italian Industries, it is member of IPA (International Publishers Association), EDITEUR, ISBN International Agency and ABPTOE (Association of Booksellers and Publishers Training Organizations in Europe). Finally, AIE devotes particular attention to the development of publishing standards; AIE manages the Italian ISBN agency, promotes the adoption of ISBN-A and is one of the two shareholders of mEDRA, the multilingual European DOI Registration Agency.

The AIE engagement in this field is also demonstrated by the fact that AIE representatives are currently chair of Editeur and of the Standard committee of the IPA, and member of the Ex-Com or the Board of ISBN-IA and IDF. AIE coordinates the Arrow system, the European platform for right information management in digitization projects. The system has been recently endorsed by the European Directive on orphan works as selected source of information in the diligent search.

My professional activity is focused on the features of technologic innovation, with particular attention for content industry. The projects I have followed in my career, at both domestic and international level, allowed me to acquire a considerable competence in the management of complex tasks with a high content of technological innovation I have a deep understanding of the dynamics and the difficulties that technology implementation processes carry with them in terms of economic development, corporate reorganization, creation of new competences and skills.

Many of such projects and, in particular, European ones involved multiple international subjects: it became often necessary to proceed with the harmonization and/or integration of several existing technological solutions when developing the project. In the projects more specifically oriented to the management of digital contents, focus has been on the implementation of procedures allowing the creation of media independent contents, ready for a later cross media use, multiformat and multiplatform. This also included the constant use of the main international standards for cataloguing and identification such as ISBN, DOI, Onix etc. With 15 years’ experience as consultant and digital publishing manager in the Italian Publishers Association, I have strong links with most of the publishers operating in the Italian publishing market and thanks to my involvement in many European and international projects I have strong relationships outside Italy too.

At Associazione Italiana Editori I am in charge for many projects, such as:
• the AIE Observatory on Digital Publishing ( realized in collaboration
with all the other main trade associations involved in the media market,
• the international Editech conference on technology innovation in publishing (,
• the LIA (Libri Italiani Accessibili) project, aimed at promoting and increasing the diffusion of digital
accessible EPUB ebooks for visually disabled readers.

I am also in charge for the relations with Italian associations and organizations operating in the area of accessible content, and for the coordination of AIE training programs in technology innovation in the publishing market. I also provide expert support to associated publishers on all aspects related to technological innovation in different publishing sectors (production workflow, new products and services development, legal issues, DRM, technical solutions, etc.) and create and manage links between AIE and other companies, organizations, associations and national, European and international institutions on the same issues.

A particularly relevant side of my experience regards teaching and training activites focused on the development of technologies and their impact on production and distribution processes. These turned into planning and organization of an articualted series of training projects, both traditional and e-learning. I write articles on digital publishing teach in major post graduate courses related to multimedia and digital publishing in traditional classes, eLearning and blended e-learning methodologies and I am often invited to conferences and seminars as an expert in the digital publishing field.

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