Candidate Statement - Kevin Watters

Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2012 election

Kevin Watters – Harlequin

The IDPF is a forum for ideas, a meeting place, a standards organization, a vital part of the Publishing Industry. While its focus is on maintaining and improving the ePUB standard, and has done a marvelous job of that over the years, its most crucial role is bringing the different members of the value chain together to move this digital part of publishing forward. There is a real danger of further fragmentation in the digital landscape over the coming years. The role of the IDPF is beyond that of ratifying a specification, but in getting the stakeholders together to discuss and develop solutions to real challenges faced by everyone in the chain.

Currently in the role of Director, Pre-Press Services, I lead the team that ensures our content gets to the format it is destined for. Having spent the first 10 of my 15 years at Harlequin in an IT capacity, I have a passion for technology and process improvement. I recently complemented my technical knowledge with an executive MBA from Richard Ivey School of Business. This MBA designation has challenged me to think more broadly and recognize the underlying business opportunities inherent in any situation.

Harlequin has been at the forefront of the shift to digital content – from being an early adopter of PDF to printer, to a vibrant online community, to producing multiple digital formats, to most recently, producing all front-list ePUBs in-house. I was fortunate enough to lead the team in analyzing our print-centric workflow and implementing the strategy for ePUB production. The process capitalizes on our current infrastructure, and many java scripts to produce a validation-tool-ready file.

I would be delighted to serve on the board to further the cause of the forum and, most importantly, to be part of the discussion. Thank you for your consideration.

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