Candidate Statement - Adam Witwer

Nomination for IDPF Board of Directors, November 2012 election

Adam Witwer - O'Reilly Media

I am nominating myself for the Board of the IDPF. I am running because I believe in the mission of the IDPF, and I believe that my experience can help further that mission.

I have thirteen years of publishing experience. My career started at Elsevier Science, where I was a managing editor and electronic production manager for various scientific journals. For the past eight years, I've worked at O'Reilly Media, where I'm presently Director, Publishing Technology. At O'Reilly I helped to establish a single-source, XML-based publishing program. I also managed print and digital production, manufacturing, and distribution. For the past year, I've been working on developing publishing-related products for writing and presenting books.

At O'Reilly Media, we have a long history of promoting and supporting technology that is open and available for all. I will bring that experience and state of mind to the IDPF. I'll push for wider adoption of EPUB 3 across device makers, reading systems, and publishers, and can bring to bear my own experience as a publisher on this front. Publishing an EPUB should be more akin to publishing a website, where the publisher or author can be confident that the file will look and function reasonably consistently across reading platforms. I'd also like to see the IDPF to think how they might help publishers and readers sell and experience books on the web, so I look forward to pushing forward Readium project.

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