Candidate Statement - Leslie Hulse

I'm delighted to have been able to serve the Board of the IDPF during this exciting moment of transformation for our industry. The IDPF plays a crucial role in helping all members of our industry understand the challenges we face and the ways we can work together to advance our common goals.
There are two key reasons why you should vote for me:
First, it's important for the Board to have representation from across the industry, and I can provide a valuable point of view because I’ve been involved with many of the key issues of trade publishing digital business development for more than ten years.
Second, I’ve been playing a significant role in facilitating collaboration across the industry for the advancement of digital standards.  This year, I led the AAP’s EPUB3 Implementation Project which sought to speed adoption of the EPUB3 standard by developing a core set of features and functionality that all stakeholders can support.  The goal was to avoid the “chicken or egg” situation that was facing the industry and stalling adoption.  This project set up forums for all stakeholders – including advocates for people with disabilities, publishers, retailers, reading system providers and device manufacturers – to discuss the specification and determine baseline features that reading systems can support and best practices for the files that publishers will provide.   The final whitepaper was delivered in October and it’s now up to publishers and reading system providers to determine their transition plans.

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