Candidate Statement - Rick Johnson

VitalSource and Ingram have long been a supporter of the IDPF and the epub standard.  Our role in accepting and delivering content spans the globe, and touches every channel.  VitalSource, in particular, has lead the conversation and championed the work to bring epub3 into the education channel.  Our support for epub3 has been highly public, consistent, and forward looking.

This is a key time in the industry as the wide adoption of the standard takes hold, and moves into new capabilities.  This is especially true in the educational marketplace as the work from IDPF comes along side other standards, such as those from IMS.  The ability to provide vision and leadership in how to bring these standards into needed solutions is key for the continued growth and adoption.

My personal involvement in both the IMS and IDPF, and the work I have done to champion the joining of the work from both organizations has been evident.  From helping to initiate the eTextbook task force at IMS, to working with the IDPF efforts with eduPUB, to helping with the AAP and BISG, I have been involved, committed, and helping to move both Ingram, and our partners forward.

My desire to serve on the board of the IDPF is to help further that vision, and to be an accelerant to the process, bringing velocity where it is needed to drive adoption and interoperability.

About Rick:

Rick Johnson is the VP of Product Development and Sales Engineering, and one of the founders of VitalSource Technologies, Inc.  VitalSource, a division of the Ingram Content Group, is the maker of Bookshelf┬«, the most widely used platform for delivery of electronic textbooks in the world.  As VP of Product, Rick manages the strategic direction of the fast growing platform, guiding the architecture, and implementation of its clients and systems.

Rick's career has been focused on bringing together his three passions: technology, publishing, and education.  He is a frequent speaker on electronic textbooks, their integration into an institutional environment, and how the accessibility needs of individual students can best be accommodated in their delivery.  He served on the working groups responsible for version 2 and version 3 of the EPUB standard, is on the executive committee for the IMS Global Learning Consortium, and is the co-inventor of 3 domestic and international patents dealing with electronic books and their distribution.

Prior to Ingram and VitalSource, Rick spent more than 12 years with Apple Computer, Inc.  As a Senior National Consulting Engineer for them he was instrumental in the implementation of complex solutions for many higher education and corporate customers, and received numerous national and international awards.

A graduate of the communication and business departments of Biola University in 1984, Rick has lived in the Phoenix area with his family since they moved from Southern California in 1991.  Married to his wife Susie for 30 years, together they have raised two children, and are very active in their church and community.  Rick serves on the board of directors for several non-profit ministries.

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