Candidate Statement - Len Vlahos

I’m writing to put my name forward as candidate for an IDPF Board seat.
As executive director of the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), I feel uniquely qualified to sit on the IDPF Board. Our two organizations work closely together on the promulgation and implementation of the EPUB standard.
In addition to BISG’s Board formally endorsing EPUB 3, our Content Structure Committee was the first to publish data on how various reading systems are implementing different features of the standard, and we continue to play a vital role in that effort through our partnership on IDPF’s conformance test suite. In addition, the committee has published one field guide aimed at improving the world of e-book development (Field Guide to Fixed Layout for E-books), and has two more in production (one on font usage, another on interactivity).
Our organization joined W3C this year, demonstrating an increasing interest in how standards on the open Web are impacting, and will impact, the publishing ecosystem.
While our focus is more U.S. centric, we have close affiliations with other international organizations, and are, in fact, planning our first international conference to take place in Sao Paolo, Brazil this may.
I’m happy to provide other information as needed. My biography is below. Thank you for your consideration.
Len Vlahos is the executive director of the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), a national not-for- profit trade association with a mission of facilitating innovation and shared solutions among all publishing ecosystem stakeholders. Since joining BISG, Len, among other accomplishments, spearheaded U.S. involvement of the development of Thema, the new global subject code classification scheme; facilitated the creation of a seminal report on the development, use, and modification of book product metadata; and successfully launched BISG’s new Executive Lunch series of events aimed at industry thought leaders.
Prior to joining BISG, Len spent nearly twenty years at the American Booksellers Association (ABA), where served as ABA’s communications director, e-commerce director, education director, and most recently, chief operating officer. Len has worked for Internet marketing pioneer Yoyodyne, for Kratz & Co. public relations, and has worked in independent, chain, and university bookstores. He is also an author, with his debut novel, The Scar Boys, scheduled for publication January 21, 2014.
Len lives in Connecticut with his wife Kristen, and two young sons, Charlie and Luke.

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