Candidate Statement - John Prabhu

Dear IDPF Members,

I’d like to submit my application for the IDPF Board of Directors.

I’ve been involved with the IDPF since its inception (used to be OeB forum prior to IDPF) and participated in various sessions evolving the EPUB3 standards. Apart from IDPF, I’m also involved in IMS Global Consortium (eLearning Standards), EDUPUB working group and recently joined a member of BISG group. I frequently speak on the broader adoption of EPUB standards at leading industry events including IDPF, PSP, Digital Book World, Frankfurt and London Book Fairs, BEA, IMS Global Consortium, SSP and other leading industry events.

With over 21 years in the publishing industry, I’ve the opportunity of interacting with various industry leaders across different market segments (Education, STM / Professional, Trade, Legal, Aggregators, etc) across the globe developing solutions through all stages publishing lifecycle.

Technologies and business models continue to evolve rapidly changing the behavior of content consumption; One size doesn’t fit for all; Mobile usage is increasing every year. Hence, the critical factor to consider in our strategy is flexibility and interoperability in the content structure. As Vice President, Solutions Architect at SPi Global, my role is to ensure there is a unified approach towards implementation of publishing solutions integrating technology, content design & structure, editorial, workflow, products & strategy.

I’m passionate about the IDPF mission and their vision to unite standards, technology and accessibility for all of us. I’ll continue my support and will work closely with Publishers, Technology organizations and Content Solution Providers to support EPUB standards and strengthen the work of the IDPF. Thank you for considering me for this exciting opportunity.


John Prabhu VP, Solutions Architect, Content Solutions SPi Global

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