The following topics are all potentially in scope for this workshop; however, the specific agenda will be determined by the program chairs and program committee based on submissions received:

Content and workflows

  • Role of interactivity and rich media in combination with text in next-generation digital content

  • Hosting mathematics and other complex structured data

  • EPUB at the learning object level: integrating objectives, content, and assessments

  • Subset profiles of EPUB 3 that improve workflow efficiencies and increase reliability of content in particular aspects (accessibility, archival)

  • Implications of crowd-sourced and OER content and distributed authoring approaches for education content

  • Data and Analytics

Learning Objects and Remixing

  • Granularity of digital content for learning: relationships and boundaries between e-textbooks and learning objects

  • eTextbooks vs. sequenced learning objects

  • Learning object metadata

  • Dynamic content: updates, incremental acquisition, adaptive materials

Integration Issues

  • Multi-platform/multi-cloud integration: when students, teachers, institutions, distributors, and publishers each have their own content platforms

  • Distribution systems and identity

  • Integration of e-textbooks into overall online learning environments and other web services


  • Digital Reading and the Learning Experience

  • Learning styles and digital content

  • Mobile reading and learning: online/offline , on/off campus, multiple devices, occasionally-connected/low-bandwidth environments

Annotations and Social Integration

  • Annotating, social reading, and other social-integration in learning environments related to learning content


  • Accessibility and usability challenges and solutions in the e-textbook space


The Workshop agenda will focus on sessions at the intersection of institutional/business needs and technology. Markup-level syntax and implementation details are not expected to be covered. While we would like to encourage visionary proposals, the focus of this workshop is on the current situation and practical next-steps that need to be taken to get to the next level of useful adoption, not the long-range future.

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