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New Public Draft for EPUB for Education Profile

February 19, 2016

A 2nd Editors Draft of the EPUB for Education Profile has been announced today. This new profile specification includes:

  • IMS LTI Integration Section
  • a name change to EPUB for Education (formerly EDUPUB)
  • the resolution of approximately 15 minor tracker issues

Unlike traditional specifications, the development of this profile is anticipated to follow an agile model with core features and functionality defined in the initial release and less critical features will follow on. Feedback on this new draft is welcomed by the EPUB for Education Working Group and should be directed to IDPF CTO, Markus Gylling -

The release of this 2nd draft has been timed to co-ordinate with the upcoming EDUPUB Alliance meetings in Baltimore next week, where plans and next steps will be discussed. 

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