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Readium Launched on Chrome Web Store

September 26, 2012

The Readium open source project to develop an EPUB 3 reference implementation, sponsored by IDPF and other supporters, continues to rapidly evolve. The Chrome web app configuration of Readium was recently launched on the Chrome Web Store, and can be installed via .

Recently added Readium features include an implementation of the Canonical Fragment Identifier (CFI) specification, rate and volume controls for Media Overlays, UI enhancements including the ability to drag-and-drop EPUB files into the Readium library, and support for the EPUB reading system JavaScript object. Other recent under-the-hood work includes faster zip unpacking and other performance improvements, internationalization framework with several localizations, cross-browser support elements, and many bug fixes.

As Readium converges towards 100% EPUB 3 conformance, some supporters would like to utilize Readium in production-level solutions. IDPF is presently working with Readium contributors to establish a longer-term Readium roadmap. We encourage additional supporters and contributors to get involved, see the Readium Dev Blog for more information. 

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