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The IDPF Digital Zone at BookExpo America is the one area to showcase products and services to thousands of publishers, booksellers, digital distributors, device manufacturers, software, and technology companies from around the world. Be part of the eBook and eReading revolution by exhbiting at the IDPF Digital Zone.

The IDPF Digital Zone is open to all attendees of BookExpo America. Free educational sessions from the experts will run at the top and half of every hour from 10-4pm on Tuesday, May 24; 9:30-4pm on Wednesday, May 25; and from 9:30am-2pm on Thursday, May 26. Meet your future partners and learn about  the latest trends, tips and tricks from the experts.

Tuesday, May 24



Speaker: TBD

Everybody is a writer! We connect writers and readers: BookRix provides people with the tools and features necessary to access a growing and changing online book industry.



Manea Castet, Creative Director, Byook

How do we bury the hatchet between readers and non-readers? With a new astonishing reading based on 3 key values:

  • Rich content: pictures and sounds set the stage for each page.
  • Key role for the imagination: the art experience of suggesting rather than showing.
  • Instinctive use: just turn the pages.

The ADS Group

Mitch Waters, The ADS Group

Custom digital book creation and distribution methods



Christoph Brem, Vice President

The market for eBooks reached $1 billion in 2010 and is expected to triple by 2015, according to Forrester Research. The rate of piracy has increased dramatically due to the proliferation of digital content. Christoph Brem, Vice President at Attributor, will discuss the real impact of piracy and explain how technology, like Attributor’s Guardian service, can help publishers protect their content and convert piracy into revenue.


Easypress Technologies

Michael Smith, General Manager, North America

EasyEPUB what is is and why it works …


IBS Bookmaster

Oliver J Holden CPIM, Sales Director, IBS Bookmaster

Supply Chain Management in a Digital World: Digital content and delivery is the wave of the future, but printed books are not going away. This presentation will show how content distributors and publishers can control their business in such a diverse world.



Les Burnham, CEO, Stilo International

From Print to XML and EPUB – transforming your workflow: This presentation will take a reflective look at the market for eBooks, review some of the key issues that publishers need to consider when moving from print to digital, and outline new ways in which on-demand conversion services can improve control over content quality, reduce turnaround times and lower production costs.



Justo Hidalgo, 24symbols, CoFounder and Chief Product Officer

The Netflix model for eBooks. 24symbols offers Social Reading on the Cloud with a subscription model. Readers do not need to download books, and can share what they read. Publishers and authors have a new way to face the challenges of a world where everything can be copied. Advertisers have a new way to interact with potential customers in a meaningful and context-sensitive way. Learn how 24symbols wants to become a meeting point between authors, readers, publishers and advertisers.

Overdrive, Inc.

Dan Stasiewski, Public Relations Manager

Profitable Multichannel Distribution for Your Digital Books: How do you maximize your presence – and revenue – in this exploding digital universe? Join us to learn about best practices and successful examples of eBook and audiobook distribution to library, school, bookseller and non-traditional sales channels around the world.


PreMedia Global

Erik Fortier, Media Development Director, and Jack Mitchell, Senior Vice President

“Trends in Assessment Development”
The speakers will be representing the Higher Education Division at PreMedia Global.



Sriram Ramakrishnan, Vice President of Marketing & Sales

To small and medium size publishers, who are looking for a cost effective way of establishing and maximizing their e-book sales, Qbend is the only full service digital partner that can offer a complete range of services (E-book creation, Multi-Channel Delivery, Back End Fulfillment, Secure DRM, Customer Support, Customer Intelligence, Future Proof Your Content, Custom Publishing) to enable you to achieve your digital goals, because only Qbend has the unique combination of 35 years of publishing experience and state of the art digital technology.


RSuite Cloud by Really Strategies, Inc.

Dan Dube, Executive Vice President, Cloud Solutions, Really Strategies, Inc.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Power of XML, CMS, and EBooks: For book publishers, delivering content to devices like the iPad and Kindle is not an option … it’s imperative. Book publishers are recognizing that better content management will accelerate revenue and profit growth. Technology like XML and content management software are the enablers that produce ebooks. Dan Dube will present a case study that illustrates how publishers are producing and publishing to traditional and digital media from the same source with the (literal!) push of a button.

Wednesday, May 25


Data Conversion Laboratory Inc.

David Skurnik, VP of Sales, Data Conversion Laboratory Inc.

Complexities in The Electronic Publishing Process: This critical presentation will identify the issues that will need to be resolved when converting from traditional published materials into EPUB & MOBI formats.



Michael Tamblyn the EVP of Content, Sales and Merchandising

Michael Tamblyn the EVP of Content, Sales and Merchandising will be presenting: What does the new ‘social’ reader look like?



Sriram Panchanathan, Digital Solutions SVP, Aptara

“To Enhance or Not to Enhance” is the Question. Is EPUB 3 the Answer? From audio, video, interactivity and scripting, to improved navigation and multi-language support, EPUB 3 is expected to leverage the unique capabilities of an electronic book better than ever. The revised format standard has the potential to give publishers the most affordable and impressive alternative yet to apps.

Learn how to keep pace with readers’ expectations and profit from eBooks, as Sriram Panchanathan (Aptara’s SVP of Digital Solutions) addresses practical approaches to eBook enhancements — including new opportunities presented by EPUB 3.


Datamatics Global Services, Ltd.

Shyam Sekar S, Associate Vice President, Datamatics Global Services, Ltd.

eBooks: As It Stands Today and the Road Ahead With ePub 3.0 / Apps

The speaker will be giving an insight about the current challenges being faced by the Publishers and readers, and solutions to overcome those. With market dynamics and future demands never like before, he will take the audience through the path not taken yet, with ePub 3.0 and the Apps way.


Robert Barrett, CoFounder, Autography LLC

Keep Sharpies Away From Your Kindle! We will demo how to sign ebooks, digital comics, Japanese manga, trading cards, and other personalized digital media. Hear what an ebook signing over the radio is like! See how our plans for nationwide author ‘tours’ via live streaming video – no high travel costs for publishers, no lost writing time for authors, yet connecting with readers like never before!


Hanwang Technology Co. Ltd.

Billy Hanafee, Marketing Manager, Hanvon Technology

Digital China: The 21st Century Challenge of Selling Content in a Culture of Piracy



Sriram Ramakrishnan, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, QBend LLC

To small and medium size publishers, who are looking for a cost effective way of establishing and maximizing their e-book sales, Qbend is the only full service digital partner that can offer a complete range of services (E-book creation, Multi-Channel Delivery, Back End Fulfillment, Secure DRM, Customer Support, Customer Intelligence, Future Proof Your Content, Custom Publishing) to enable you to achieve your digital goals, because only Qbend has the unique combination of 35 years of publishing experience and state of the art digital technology.


Francis Olschafskie, President Your Next Generation E-Reading Technology Platform.



Jonathan Hevenstone, President

Developing Compelling E-Books and Digital Content Products – Case Studies for Success: Jouve partners with clients to bring the finest and mostinnovative digital products to market. Jouve’s expertise in building high quality, large scale conversion programs have helped companies like Apple and Barnes & Noble make thousands of books available on their platforms and stores. And Jouve’s innovative production processes are helping publishers to develop a new generation of highly creative enhanced e-Books for their best-selling titles as well as developing an array of new digital products in the legal, health, travel, and cooking markets.


Ingram Content Group

Rick Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, VitalSource Technologies Inc., an Ingram Content Group company

VitalSource e-textbooks - Announcing EPUB3 Support: VitalSource Technologies, the preferred and most used e-textbook and content delivery platform, is on board to fully adopt EPUB3 – the next major revision of the IDPF standard. With over 1.6 million users, Ingram’s VitalSource will be introducing a native reader for the format that will provide the relevant solutions publishers, academic institutions and students need in the fast growing e-textbook market. In this session Rick Johnson, VitalSource Chief Technology Officer, will touch on MathML, media, multi-lingual, and accessibility support for e-textbook content – current areas of focus in the e-textbook space for institutions worldwide.


Vook, LLC

Matthew Cavnar, Head of Product Development

Vook, the leading publisher of enhanced digital books, will be discussing the scalable creation of digital content, distribution to multiple marketplaces and how technology platforms can solve the problems publishers face in digital today.


SPi Global

John P. Wheeler, VP, Strategy & Emerging Technologies

“It’s a Book. It’s an App. It’s???” With the onslaught of “digital” trends and devices, there are more questions than answers in the publishing industry today. SPi Global, in this session, shares its experiences in pursuing a collaborative approach in reinventing how the book is produced using technology-enabled interventions and process re-engineering.


Recorded Books

Matt Walker, VP Sales and Marketing  

Libraries are more than just books! Recorded Books is more than audiobooks. Our digital databases meet your patrons’ needs and simplify your life. Byki Online language-learning, ePrep test-preparation service, Universal Class continuing education courses, legal document service, and One-Click Audio downloadable audiobooks are exclusively Recorded Books.

Thursday, May 26


Bluefire Productions

Speaker: Micah Bowers, Founder, Bluefire Productions

Build direct branded relationships with mobile readers: Micah Bowers, founder of Bluefire Productions, the creator or Bluefire Reader, will discuss how retailers, publishers, and institutions can build direct relationships with users of mobile devices via branded eReader applications.



Dr. Rob Reynolds, PhD, Director of Product Design, Xplana

This presentation will focus on current industry trends in digital textbooks and learning resources, and how Xplana platform is leading the way in digital content publishing and distribution for education.


Richard Stephenson, CEO,

Richard Stephenson will be discussing fixed page layouts for illustrated books on the iBookstore, the cost and benefits.


Coral Hub

Pranav Pandya, Sr. Vice President and K. Balaji, Vice President, Operations

Coral Hub will be talking about ePub, POD, specialized XML and Typesetting Services for the Publishing Industry and DAISY, Talking Book and Large Font Conversion Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired. We shall be talking about our experiences in Data Conversion Services and will leave the floor open for question in the second half of our presentation.

InScribed Media

Alivia Tagliaferri, Author, Publisher and CEO of Ironcutter Media

Alivia Tagliaferri, Author, Publisher and CEO of Ironcutter Media will discuss how being an author can prepare you for bigger business opportunities in the world of e-books. Be there to hear her exciting news about the new age of the customer experience and how authors who embrace it will build and keep a strong relationship with their readers.


MeeGenius, Inc.

David Park, Co-Founder, MeeGenius, Inc.

MeeGenius is fast becoming the #1 children’s digital bookstore, taking a publisher’s print titles and creating interactive children’s books in days. MeeGenius is the only children’s bookstore that can sell a publisher’s books across all platforms, iPhone, IPad, IPod, Web, Google TV and Android.



Krishna Motukuri

Topic : Digital Imperative

Innodata Isogen

Ben Williamson, Director of Business Development

“Monetized Content in the eBook and App Era”: The developing digital landscape offers new and great opportunity but not without controversy. Learn about new avenues and strategies for monetizing content through Apps, eBooks, paid web content, and subscription models. Understand the market forces setting the landscape – from Apple’s limitations around user control to newspapers continued attempt at developing paywalled content.



Sameer Shariff, Founder & CEO Impelsys Inc.

Our Experiences with Digital Delivery and Market Intelligence: In his presentation, we will be highlighting two key aspects: web vs tablet experience and direct relationships experience: with the market, customer and content.



Mr. Panayiotis Paschalakis, President

A White-label E-bookstore Platform With No Investment: Join our Social Book Network and shape the future. DigiBooks4All is a unique software solution designed for Publishers & Booksellers that need an end-to-end platform to extend their business in the e-books era. Digibooks4all has integrated social networking in our white-label mobile apps, to drive more traffic and expand your customer base.


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