Digital Book 2011 Program

Monday, May 23


Registration and Continental Breakfast (located in Special Events Hall Lobby)


Welcome (located in Special Events Hall) 


The Year of the eBook - Globally

Digital books have “crossed the chasm” to mainstream consumer acceptance. What were the critical success factors in this global success story? And what’s next?

Michael Tamblyn (Kobo Books), Abe Murray (Google), Yoshinobu Noma (Kodansha)

Publishers Roundtable

Execs discuss agency and other recent events. Are enhanced eBooks a fad, a niche, or the future? Is it print vs. digital or print+digital?

Evan Schnittman (Bloomsbury), Dominique Raccah (SourceBooks), Richard Nash (Red Lemonade)

Special Keynote: The Mongoliad, Year One

Update on a groundbreaking investigation into the future of publishing. The Mongoliad is a serial novel and also the first publication made via PULP, the software platform created by Subutai Corporation to help define what publishing can be in a world where books are no longer limited by the constraints of the printing press.

Neal Stephenson and Greg Bear (Subutai Corporation)

Networking break (located in Special Events Hall) 

Technology & Production Track

(located in Special Events Hall)

Creating Highly-Accessible Interactive Content:

The intersection of accessibility and interactivity is particularly important in the education space. This session will highlight and demonstrate new approaches enabled by EPUB 3.

Liza Daly (Threepress)
Business and Marketing Track

(located in Room 1E02)

International Market Opportunities

How foreign language publishers can profit in North America and how English language publishers can profit in non-english markets.

Cristina Mussinelli (Italian Publishers Association), Ronald Schild, (German Book Publishers Association), Laura Donnini (Mondadori)
Technology & Production Track

EPUB 3 First Look

EPUB 3 is the next major revision of the key IDPF standard, supporting video, audio, scripting, MathML, enhanced layout, global language support, accessibility and metadata enhancements, and more. This session provides a “Cook’s Tour” of EPUB 3 including demos of working examples.

Bill McCoy (IDPF)
Business & Marketing Track

Update on eReading Devices & Apps

What’s working now for consumers and in education, and what’s on the horizon.

Allen Weiner (Gartner) Mary Tripsas (Harvard Business School), Mitch Weisberg (Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University)

Lunch (located in Special Events Hall)


Transforming the Business of Publishing

As digital grows to 50% or more of revenue for most publishers over the next 4+ years, a profound reshaping of the economics of publishers and the entire publishing value chain is inevitable. Hear from publishers and others about how they are planning operationally to change and thrive in the digital future.

Ken Brooks (Cengage), Bob Young (, Liisa McCloy-Kelly (Random House)
2:30- 3:15

Breakthrough Business Models

Hear from one of the industry leaders and two of the hottest publishing startups about innovative approaches to monetizing digital books and publications.

Theresa Horner (Barnes & Noble), Justo Hidalgo (24 Symbols), T.J. Waters (Autography)

Networking Break (located in Special Events Hall)

Technology & Production Track

(located in Special Events Hall)

Metadata Boot Camp

Experts review ONIX, EPUB, ISBN, OPDS, and other key standards for digital book metadata and catalogs, including best practices for maximizing discoverability and salability

Bill Kasdorf (APEX), Mark Bide (Editeur), Beat Barblan (Bowker)
Business & Marketing Track

(located in Room 1E02) 

Lending of Digital Books

Who is in & how it’s working. Perspectives from both commercial and non-profit solution providers.

Peter Brantley (Internet Archive), Dan Stasiewski (OverDrive)
Technology & Production Track

Conversion and Production: Report From the Front

Part 1: Wrangling the backlist: XML & PDF to EPUB conversion, and other thorny issues with scalable and cost-effective management of making legacy content available digitally.

Part 2: Beyond ‘vanilla’ digitization: scalable complex, interactive, and enhanced EPUB production.

Business & Marketing Track

The Future of Digital Reading and the Business of Digital Publishing

Interactivity and rich-media enhanced eBooks are increasingly expected. Social reading and transmedia “storytelling” are emerging trends. Borders between books and periodicals are breaking down as content gets liberated from the constraints of traditional packagings. What are the business implications?

Masaaki Hagino and Daihei Shiohama (Voyager Japan), Brad Inman (Vook), Peter Balis (John Wiley & Sons)

Cocktail Reception (located in Special Events Hall)

Tuesday, May 24


Continental Breakfast (located outside Room 1E12)

9:00 -10:15
Technology & Production Track

(located in Room 1E12)

eBook Production Jumpstart

Hands-on case study - from content in Word/InDesign to an eBook in multi-channel distribution on Kindle, B&N, Apple iBooks, and other stores and aggregator channels.

Josh Tallent, (eBook Architects), Kiyo Toma (Adobe Systems), James Macfarlane (Easypress Technologies)
Business & Marketing Track

(located in Room 1E13)

Distribution Update

Hear about and from the aggregators and solutions providers enabling distribution of eBooks In North America and globally, with a focus on how you can maximize discovery and reach scalably and efficiently.

Andrew Weinstein, (Ingram), Bob Nelson (Baker & Taylor)

Networking Break (located outside Room 1E12)

Technology & Production Track 

The Future of EPUB

EPUB 3 is a major release packed with critical new functionality. And, the IDPF is already planning future work on this key global standard. This interactive session will start with deeper dive into the technologies underlying EPUB 3.0, and also proivde a preview of areas of focus for future development. Attendees will be encouraged to give feedback on priorities and help brainstorm new ideas.

Garth Conboy (Google), Markus Gylling (DAISY), Dianne Kennedy (IDEAlliance), Nick Bogaty (Adobe Systems)
Business & Marketing Track

Findings from BISG's Student Attitudes Toward Content in Higher Education and Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading (10:45-11:15)

The Book Industry Study Group (BISG) has recently completed two landmark surveys of consumer attitudes concerning e-books, e-readers, and other digital content products. This timely session will summarize the findings and discuss implications for your business.

Steve Paxhia (Beacon Hill Strategic Solutions)

Social/Direct Marketing Case Studies (11:15-12:00)

Publishers and authors are increasingly pursuing deeper relationships with readers. Digital publishing and social networking enable new approaches yet marketing and/or selling directly in parallel with traditional channel-based sales creates significant challenges. Leading practitioners will provide insights into critical success factors from discovery to delivery.

Sol Rosenberg (Copia), Malle Vallik (Harlequin), Liz Edelstein (Macmillan Publishing)


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