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I have a issue with readium since several days, my epub appears out of pages.
Is a special tag need to be added to be compliant to the standard ?

I ran into the same problem last week, too, and found the issue logged in the bug tracker. I gather Chrome now disables CSS regions, which affects the layout. That bug report points to a blog post on the Readium site with the workaround. To quote from it:

If you are using chrome Canary or you are from the future where chrome has moved to a version in which CSS3 regions are off by default here are the steps you can take to turn them back on:

  1. Open a new tab in your browser and enter about:flags into the url bar
  2. In the page that opens find an entry called Enable CSS Regions and click the enable link
  3. Restart chrome for the changes to take affect

Once you do this, you will may also notice that readium runs smoother and has a fewer bugs. This is all product of webkit’s regions implementation becoming more mature (just as we had hoped).

So it's a readium's issue and not my epub ! Great news ! Many many thanks Matt. It running perfectly now !
Thank you.

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