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I'm doing a project with readium and I have a problem with it.

when using navigation buttons(prev/next) provided by readium works well.

but when using buttons provided by browser, they don't.

they are possible to use because actions of navigation in readium(exactly, modifying src of iframes to show contents) make history of browser despite url of browser doesn't change.

thus, i want to prevent actions of navigation in readium from making history of browser.

or, i want to make that users can't use navigation browser supports.

there's a idea? (and i think it's a bug to be fixed.)

actually, i'm not good at English and hope you can understand it well,


Basically, you can't disable the back button. It is possible to sort of sneak around this:
But it's not a good solution and really should be avoided. It's a characteristic of browser-based apps that the user can mess up if they start hitting the back button. The solution is relatively simple: don't do that! :-)
So it's not a bug and we won't change it.
The alternative is to built a true app using the Readium SDK.

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