Where does Readium chrome app store my epubs?

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Hello, community. Today I installed the Readium chrome app. And I want to back up my library but couldn't find out where Readium stores my epub data. I did an experiment: import an epub and delete the original. Readium still can render the file. So the epub must be somewhere. I am using a Mac.

Thank you very much for your answers!

I'm also interested to get answer to the above question. One should know how to organize his own library and how many copies one have of an Epub. Then could I create folders or categories to divide my epub articles or books in different subjects?

This is really not a good idea. The EPUBs are stored in the hidden Chrome filesystem. They are also "exploded" (unzipped) as part of the storage process. They are also partially processed. So you shouldn't think of them as EPUBs anymore, but as part of the Reader's cache. If you want to back up your EPUBs, then back up the original EPUB instead.

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