Readium Chrome Extension 2.15.2 Released!

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The Readium Foundation is happy to inform their users that we have released a significant new version of the Readium Chrome Extension. You should automatically be prompted to upgrade your version.

Details of what is in the new release can be found in the “Details” tab at the web store.

As always, if there are problems or issues – or you have new feature requests, please visit the IDPF Readium forum here:

Thanks for all your support!

Ric Wright
Director of Engineering
Readium Foundation

Hello Ric,

The git repository for this chrome extension is out of date:

Please update it so that developers can contribute patches.

Thanks for your consideration.

Update: I was notified by developer Juan Corona that the source code for this chrome extension has moved to:

From that location, I was able to successfully clone the git repository and build this extension from source.

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