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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, so this question could have been asked before, sorry for that. I'm trying to implement a reader IOS and Android platforms. I grabbed the Readium source code and compiled the source and made it work for both platforms. I also requested a trial from Datalogics and made the RMSDK code work too, which is an older version (9.3). The problem is Adobe RMSDK only renders the book which are Adobe-DRM protected and no support for custm DRMs. I'm trying to find a solution that would include both Adobe Renderer and Readium renderer which I want to use a common viewer with.

I would be happy to find any information about mixing this two SDK and find a way to use them at the same time


This is a complicated subject. Basically, in order to use Adobe's RMSDK with Readium you will need to license the RMSDK from Adobe (via Datalogics). You will receive a binary distribution that includes both RMSDK and Readium, packaged by Adobe. Please consult your contacts at Datalogics for more info.

@rkwright What I'm now trying to do now is this actually. I'm in communication with Datalogics and what I've learnt till now is that RMSDK 11 uses Readium renderer. They don't know whether we can use the same renderer for both Adobe DRM and our custom DRM

The RMSDK license agreement prohibits use of a third party DRM with the RMSDK renderers. This would appear to me to apply to the proprietary modifications (pre-compiled into a binary library by Adobe) to the version Readium SDK code that Adobe deploys. One could hypothetically also include the source code version of Readium SDK in the same app (assuming you have paid the Readium Foundation the fees necessary to obtain the alternative, commercially friendly license to the SDK) and use it with a different DRM. However, there would be very tricky issue to work through related to code conflicts between the Readium version in RMSDK and "your won". Again, potentially feasible, but quite challenging.

@Micah, So what would you recommend ?

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