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I'm using the ReadStreamForRelativePath method (defined in ) to get an IInputStream for different parts of an ePub3 file. (The return type is actually an IClosableStream, which extends IInputStream.)

The contents of this file are successfully read through the given IInputStream.

However, when presented to a WebView by a IUriToStreamResolver, the WebView decides that the length of the content inside the IInputStream is always 200MB. I expect that this is because the WebView is looking for some particular behavior when the end of the content is reached, but the IClosableStream does not exhibit this behavior.

I've tried modifying the stream to append Ctrl+Z (ascii 26) and EOT (ascii 4) when the end of the input is reached, but this doesn't change how the WebView incorrectly determines the input length.

Considering that the WebView correctly determines the length for the input stream returned by Windows::Storage::StorageFile::OpenAsync(), I think this can be fixed by somehow signaling to the WebView that the input has ended, but I can't figure out how.

I have moved this to the github issues for SDKLauncher-OSX. here

Is this in fact on OSX or iOS?

Sounds like this is an issue with RDServices. There has been work done there recently so I have circulated this question to the engineers.

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