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I try to use the readium SDK on Windows phone 8.0 (I use Visual Studio 2013)
I've downloaded the source of the WinPhone8 branch (
The ReadiumWP8, PhoneSupport and PhoneSupportInterfaces projects build correctly.

I've created a small Windows phone 8.0 application (C#) (with a reference on the projet ReadiumWP8) which calls a Readium method : Readium.Initialization ri = new Readium.Initialization();

The application build correctly, but the exception System.NotSupportedException is thrown, when Readium method is called on the emulator (x86).

How I can use the Readium SDK on a Windows Phone App ?

Thank you very much for your answers!

Thanks for your interest. Windows Phone 8 is on our list of systems to support, but we haven't gotten there yet. I'll raise this question in our group of contributors and see if there is a short answer. Alternatively, bear in mind that Readium is a cooperative open-source effort, so if you resolve this yourself, please package the answer as a pull request and we will review and merge the PR.

I found the solution, the generated .dll and .winmd must have the same name as the namespace : Readium.dll and Readium.winmd (not ReadiumWP8.dll and ReadiumWP8.winmd )

Excellent! Let us know how it works for you. If you run into bugs or other problems, you can also post issues here:
We do not currently have "Launcher" (sample app) for WP8. Would you like to contribute yours to the Readium project?
You can contact me directly at if you like.

I have an other problem when I load an epub. The container.xml is correctly parsed but when it try to evaluate the xpath expression to extract the rootfile, I've this error :

Informations WinRT : System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at ReadiumPhoneSupport.XPathProcessor.ProcessNextXPathComponent(Object current, IEnumerator`1 remainingXPathNodes, IXmlNamespaceResolver nsResolver)
at ReadiumPhoneSupport.XPathProcessor.ProcessXPathExpression(XNode node, String xpath, IXmlNamespaceResolver nsResolver)
at ReadiumPhoneSupport.XmlDocument.SelectNodesNS(String xpath, Object namespaces)
at ReadiumPhoneSupport.XmlDocument.SelectNodes(String xpath

@adesbois: Can you please post details technical issues like this on our github issues site? Or contact me directly at


@adesbois: Can you please post details technical issues like this on our github issues site? Or contact me directly at


Thanks members for sharing your comments here. It is a nice discussion.

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