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Hi. I am trying to validate a manuscript. For some reason this error message is appearing:

Type File Line Position Message
ERROR OPS/epb.opf 2 774 Undecleared prefix: ibooks

This didn't happen when i last tried to validate. the only thing different is now i have a new computer (iMac 10.9). Also i am using Pages version 5.0.

Looked through message boards and used search and came up empty. Could use some help.



Obviously this program inserts attributes, elements or properties from his own namespace into your book including a prefix 'ibooks' - this is only ok, if this prefix is defined, for attributes or elements with an XML namespace declaration, using the attribute xmlns or for epub specific properties with the attribute prefix.
The problem appears in the OPF-file, should be simple to localise it due to the error message.
Maybe in an EPUB 3 book it appears within the value of a property attribute in a meta element.
Therefore this is a bug of the program you use (report it to the developer if you are sure, you only used this program to create the book, respectively if you are at least sure, that the program created the OPF-file).
If you know something about EPUB, it should be no problem to unzip the book and to fix the bug, if you find the string, that belongs to the prefix 'ibooks' or if you remove or replace the structure with this prefix with a standard structure or something with a known relation for the prefix.
If you do not know, how to fix this, you have to wait for the developers to fix the bug and to
publish a new version. If you cannot use an older version without the bug, maybe you have to
use another program meanwhile.

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