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Hi! I had this epub which had a fixed layout. When I loaded the ePUB into Readium it actually break into different pages instead show as single page with scroll bar.

I had tried some other reader, it actually render with no issue. How I can make sure that the html file is loaded without pagination and scrolling is allow like a normal web page.

This feature has now been added in the latest release, 2.15.2

I use Readium on a workstation to read ebooks (mostly professional technical manuals), and I have three problems:

1) How do I eliminate the floating Chapter window? It constantly gets in the way when I have the cursor over the text I'm reading, and I'm tired of having to move the cursor out of the way.

2) The "t" table-of-contents toggle key shows the table of contents (TOC) when pressed the first time, but pressing "t" again doesn't close the TOC. This requires me to scroll the TOC all the way to the top just so I can close it.

3) You need a bookmark function. If I have to use the TOC to jump back to a previous chapter to look something up, it'd me nice to have a short-cut key to return me where I was.

I hope these can be fixed. I installed Readium without knowing anything about it, because it was associated with Chrome, but the points I raised above waste my time or are distracting enough that I am looking for a replacement e-reader, that is, unless these nuisances can be resolved quickly.

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