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I went to go read a book yesterday but when I got in the app it was empty. Just the day before my library was full. Nothing new has happened in between the day before yesterday and yesterday. I waited until today to see if maybe it was a glitch, but they are all still missing today. Where did all of my books go? I had like 60 of them in there.

I am very sorry this occurred. Most likely, your "manifest" (the list of books in your library) got deleted or corrupted. The only time we have seen this is when a new book that is very very large (hundreds of MB) is loaded. But apparently this wasn't the case? Did you upgrade Chrome (or did Google do it for you)? That is hard to detect as it is done automatically. OS upgrades? Regrettably, there is little to do if the manifest is lost. We can look into a "recovery step" but it would be somewhat complex.

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