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I've been trying to view an epub3 that I drafted in InDesign CC. However, whenever I attempt to load the document to my Readium Library (using the Chrome plugin, v. 2.15.2), the document fails to load AND all existing documents in my library simply disappear.

No error message is generated, so I have no clue what is causing this problem. It doesn't happen with every document I try to load, and seems to happen more often with larger books than small ones, but since the longest book I've tried to publish is only 20 pages, I have trouble believing it could be a simple issue of some files being too large. The document that has been failing to load contains videos, but I have seen these work in Readium before.

I took a brief screencapture video of the issue occurring, which can (hopefully) be viewed at:

Has anyone else encountered this problem before? A workaround would be ideal, but I'll settle for any theories about what could be causing this.


There was a bug like this when the EPUB had very large and/or many audio/video assets. Was that the case here? This bug was fixed and is in the release of 30 April 2015. Can you upgrade and retry it?

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