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The bright new release 2.18.1 crashes on this epub: (change to english on the bottom of the page)

Tried both methods: epub and unpacked files.

BTW, thank you for the excelent app and js lib

Thank you for your report.  Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of that book to test.  If you could post a copy for us to test we would be happy to look into it.

please follow the link provided, then look at the bottom of the page (look for © 2012—2015 «Яндекс» RU), and change language from RU to EN. Then look at the right side of the page, you'll see the download button. Click it.

Sorry for such complicated way to download.

No problem.  I downloaded the book.  It doesn't "crash" for me, but it does hang (i.e. it stops importing the book after a while).  The book appears to have a very large number of images.  I have logged an issue:

And we will investigate.

Yes it hangs, the word crush was incorrect. Thank you for the care!

We have determined that the hang occurs when Readium attempts to read the font inside the EPUB.  The font has been modified (obfuscated) which is a lightweight form of copy-protection.  Unfortunately, it was improperly done so the font is unreadable.  Readium throws an exception and quits.  This is not correct, it should simply skip the font and continue.  We are fixing that it should be in the next release a few weeks from now.

Thank you!

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