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all of my files are suddenly gone . . . is there a way to retrieve them :(

Sure you look on the right hard disc and partition?
Don't you have backups?
If not, there are experts to retrieve data from damaged hard discs or simply erased data, but better not to use such hard disc / computer anymore, before the data are extracted.

Because no 'normal' person but you can look into your computer and the others from companies and secret services tend not to help, maybe you have to provide more information about your system and the circumstances ;o)

let me rephrase this -- all my books ON READIUM are gone

where did they go ??

and why did they leave

this service was promoted as a place to "store" epub books

it worked beautifully for over a year

now, not so well

I think, it is careless to rely on such programs for something, that matters.
You always need to store important things independently and with backups.

Presumably it is simply a bug in Readium or something/someone cleared the cache, things are stored in.
This is no problem of the EPUB format, it is surely either a problem of Readium itself or about the organisation of cache or local storage or something in the user-agent/browser, Readium works in. I tried to find out, where and how it stores book on my computer, but the names of directories and files is not intuitive, therefore surely nothing for predictable storage, one has to access to without this specific tool - therefore nothing one can recommend to store books.
Yesterday I found out, that Readium does not even display everything of a content document, unfortunately an important navigation link to non-linear content at the bottom of a document vanished , additionally quite crazy behaviour with non linear content documents in general
- yet some other bugs, clearly an indication not to rely on Readium yet.
It is fun to use or to test it and see, how it behaves or what problems occur, even with the display of relatively simple content, but surely nothing to store or retrieve information in a reliable way currently ;o) Open question of course - why does it cause such problems for Readium to get it right, if the user-agent/browser it works in has no problems with such content documents and for example a user-agent/browser like Konqueror has no problem to extract documents from an archive, the user stored in a place of his choice ...
Obviously Readium does not follow the principle to keeps things simple and predictable, therefore a lot of entertaining surprises occur.

Did you find them?

Can you provide a little more information on what happened?  What OS?  Did you make changes to your Chrome browser or installation?  Change any hardware. It is of course possible that Readium somehow suddenly deleted your books, but seems unlikely - the app doesn't intrinsically have such capability (though the browser itself does, in a way).  

Do you still have the original books that you added to the Readium library? If so, you can simply re-add them to Readium to restore your library of books.

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