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After exporting an EPUB file in Hebrew from InDesign CC, it displays incorrectly in Readium - Only shows the first page of a chapter, and I can't switch to double spread display. This happens in several files I've created, however it seems that exporting the file on different computers (with seemingly the same settings) sometimes works correctly and sometimes doesn't. Any idea what might cause this sort of error?

Here's a screenshot:

Note that the last line (which is only the end of the first page) is cut off, and pressing the "next page" button skips to the next chapter.


Can you provide us one of the EPUB files that don't work correctly?  Also, is there any pattern to which computers work and which don't? You can mail the epub to me directly at rkwright@readium.org


Sorry, there is a problem with my readium.org address.  For the moment, please use rkwright@geofx.com.  thanks

I can see a similar (related?) problem with the presentation of non linear content documents in one of my books. These documents have link lists as alternatives as the last content to be displayed. Unfortunately Readium does not display the last few lines, therefore readium becomes completely unusable for books with non linear content.

The book itself is in german language, but if required I can look in more details with an (english) test sample to explore the problem and the circumstances, the bug appears.
The bug appears both in this 2.18 variant (even worse here, that even the look into the source code of a content document is blocked somehow by another bug) and the previous version, that appeared within the viewport of the browser.

@O.H.   Thanks for the feedback.  I am going to move this issue/thread to the issue-tracker in the readium repo.

Issue is here:


Test files would be extremely welcome.

Well, if you do not have a problem with the navigation in german, the complete book is available for free anyway:
It has a lot of embedded SVG content as well and alternative stylesheets, therefore surely a progress for a viewer, if everything in the book would work as intended - therefore maybe relevant for several issues...

Missing in the presentation within readium seems to be always the last item of a list of navigation references at the bottom of each document indicated to be non linear.

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