No console in 2.18.1.

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There is no longer any access to the usual Chrome debug console is 2.18.1. This is a critical feature in developing rich EPUB content. We have been using Readium as our primary development platform, and we can no longer do so.

It would be really good to have the console back, but I suspect you'd have to put in back in tabs to do so, as opposed to operating as a standalone app.

This is on Readium 2.18.1 on Chrome 43.0.2357.65 m on Windows 7.

Actually, it's a little inconvenient but if you right-click on the page and choose "Inspect Element" it will bring up the console in a separate window. Actually, in some ways its easier than clicking through the hamburger.  The console is now a separate window.  If there is a way to make it a panel of the main window, I haven't found it. BTW, this is on OSX. Haven't tried Windows yet.

Let us know if this works for you.

On Windows, right-clicking gives me no options at all in the current version.

Actually, that's not accurate. If I select some text, right-clicking gives me an option to copy it.

@bentrafford :  You're right, Windows doesn't provide that.  Here is how you CAN do it, though it is less than easy:

Open your document, then go back to the running Chrome instance, go to the hamburger on the right, then Tools then Extensions.  Scroll down to find Readium and select "Inspect index.html".  This will open the console in a separate window.

I'll file an issue about this and we'll scope out how we can make this an easier process.

That worked once I ticked "developer mode" at the top of the Extensions page. Thanks!

Ah, I should have added that. Doesn't everyone use "Developer" mode?  :-)

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