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I am new to ReadiumJS.

Issue: some images/fonts/icons referred to in some files are missing.
For example in file:
there is line:
background-image : url("/images/comment_clickable_icon.png");

Another example is:


is referenced from another file.

I solved the issue by downloading the missing files/icons/fonts/images manually to the path reference.

But my question is:
Why are they missed by the installation process. (Am I missing something here?)

I have followed all the instructions in the file (

From the command line run npm install -g grunt-cli
From the command line run npm install (in the readium-js-viewer directory)
From the command line run cd readium-js
From the command line run npm install (a second time in the readium-js directory)

Hello, the missing WOFF file is a known problem:
(issue fixed in an ongoing GitHub feature branch)
The missing annotations.css image ; just like the missing WOFF font ; is benign (no adverse effect normal application operations). However, the CSS will be fixed to remove the error message.
Thanks! Daniel

Thanks Daniel for your answer.

I also need to modify/use Readium.js library. Is there a documentation of the exposed API. I cannot see anything in GitHub, just the code.

I am looking for something more than just readium-js-viewer example. Moe geared towards Readium.js detailed usage.

Similar to angular js: If Readiums.js were Angular.js, I am looking for something like:


I second David for the documentation! I would also need to integrate readium-js in my code and it would definitely help if I could see the API.

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