readium Binary files dll library for visual studio .net

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I like to create to add your sdk on Microsoft Visual studio .net.

I use and/or C#, but I don’t have any experience of c++.

I ask where I can find a binary files (.dll) that I can add as reference to my Visual Studio .net project.

Apart this I searching for an application test source code in c# that can I see to learn how I can use this api with my C# project.

Can you help me please ?

Best Regards



This kind of question is more appropriate for the issues for the SDK, here

That being said, we are moving towards getting a "managed code" version of the Readium SDK on Windows, but are biggest challenge is that Readium is all volunteers (with a couple of minor exceptions) and we don't have anyone who wants to work on Windows.  Would you be interested?  You can contact me directly at

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