Testing iBooks Author ePub output in Readium

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I've been using both Readium and the ePub 3 Validator to test ePub output from iBooks Author. EPUB 3 export is a new capability introduced in version 2.3 of iBooks Author.
Simple ePub files seem to work fine in Readium and get a few innocuous warnings about spaces in filenames in the validator. However, more complex files get a number of errors in the validator and cause Readium to lock-up on import.
So, shouldn't Readium fail (to import) more gracefully than that? Currently, I have to quit Readium in order to clear this failed import.

Yes.  There IS a known bug in the current release of Readium Chrome Extension (2.18.2) that files with flaws, especially in the packaging code, can cause Readium to hang.  We have fixed that bug and it will be released soon (week or two).  However, this may be a different issue.  Can you share one of the problematic EPUBs with us?  Either via Dropbox (or similar) or email to rkwright@readium.org?  TIA

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