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urgent. If anyone can answer this question? jpg or png images in ebook. Jpg I prefer, but in the US say that Android does not work well jpg. I am European, but now I have to do a job for USA. What I want to know is that jpg works well on Android, as the Americans say no. Png really works best on Android?

I can't say I've ever heard that before. Both are core media types in epub,[1] and both are referenced for use in the edupub profile.[2] There's also nothing if you run a comparison on for jpeg and png support to suggest either is any better supported.[3]

Both formats are also listed as natively supported on Android.[4]

Is there a specific problem area behind the request, like need to preserve transparency?


Thanks for your ideas. The USA insist png and jpg I think is best for various subjects. I'm a graphic designer and understand the difference of formats. I do not understand is the insistence by the PNG format. PNG format only have value tranparencia.
thank you thank you very very much!!!
and and wonder. Although that is a perfect format jpg. But you must always learn. Really these Americans are right? They are questions from different continents

jpg then to epub 2.0.1 is that correct? png and provides no value?

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