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Hi everybody,

i'm making a EPUB 3.0 with indesign cc 2015.
I set my document on facing pages.
I've made some buttons to navigate internal page (as index), but everytime i click on any button, it changes only the page where i clicked.

for exemple:

i'm on page 2-3 (page 2 on the left and page 3), if i click on a button on page 3 that link to page 8 i'll get page 2-8,
furthermore if i click next page button i'll get page 4-5.

But if i use epub bookmarks it works fine.

It doesn't happened if i read my epub on ibooks, so i think it's a readium issue.

Can someone help me please?
Thank you.

nobody can help me?

Sorry for the delay in responding.  Can you perhaps share the EPUB with us?  Either via DropBox or, if it is small enough, just send the EPUB to me,


Thanks, RIc Wright

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